The versatility of the research spectrum at the Institute of Thermal Technology is generated by several factors:  experienced academic staff, high quality, state-of-the art measuring equipment and advanced modeling tools.

The Institute of Thermal Technology offers collaboration particularly in the following areas:

  • Thermal analysis of technological processes
  • Analysis of a cumulative energy and exergy consumption
  • Improvement of an energy management
  • System analysis of energy installations
  • Technical and economical optimization of a distributed energy generation
  • Investigations of real gases flow
  • Investigations of  nuclear processes
  • Modeling of gas network operation
  • Combustion processes and formation of noxious species
  • Utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Investigation of internal combustion engines
  • Optimization of power machines and processes
  • Modeling of energy systems
  • Modeling of heat conduction convection and radiation
  • Modeling of conjunctive thermal and flow phenomena including phase change
  • Investigation of thermal properties of materials

The above research fields are supported by respective experimental background:

Further details are on the home pages of the Institute divisions. The Institute staff are open for new research areas. Please, contact our deputy manager for research or heads of respective divisions.