• Technologies supporting development of safe nuclear power engineering
    Stage 9:
     Applied techniques for hydrogen removing from nuclear reactor containment in LOCA damage conditions analysis and optimization of H2 recombination system configuration possibility analysis
    Activity No 7: Analysis of hydrogen generation processes in nuclear reactor during normal exploitation and in damage situations, with proposals of actions for nuclear security lever increasing
    ITT Coordinator: Jan Składzień
    Stage 11: Thermo-hydraulic analysis of the system for production and use of the high-temeperature energy carrier 
    Activity No 1: Development of high temperature reactors for industrial purposes
    ITT Coordinator: Adam Fic
  • TDSCOPE - An innovative method and apparatus for testing and diagnosis of skin lesions
    Coordinator: Andrzej J. Nowak
  • Tools for computer aided design of flotation machines
    Coordinator: Ireneusz Szczygieł
  • Advanced technologies for energy generation 
    Activity No 1: 
    High-efficiency and zero-emission technologies for coal fired power plant with CO2 sequestration
    ITT Coordinator: Andrzej Ziębik
    Activity No 2: Oxy-combustion technologies for pulverized fuel and fluidized bed boilers integrated with CO2 sequestration
    ITT Coordinator: Ryszard Białecki i Andrzej Ziębik
    Activity No 3: Coal gasification technologies for high-efficiency fuels and electrical energy production
    SUT Coordinator: Andrzej Ziębik
    Activity No 4: Integrated fuel and energy production technologies from biomass, agricultural and other wastes
    ITT Coordinator: Andrzej Szlęk
  • Integrated system for reducing energy consumption in the maintenance of buildings
    Activity No 3: Increase of energy utilization from renewable energy sources (RES) in building engineering
    ITT Coordinator: Joachim Kozioł